Museum-Estate of V. V. Bykov

The estate-museum of V. V. Bykov is a branch of the Ushachi Museum of National Glory named after the Hero of the Soviet Union V. E. Lobanok. The museum was founded in the birthplace of the writer in the village of Bychki, Ushachsky district, by decision of the Ushachi District Council of Deputies of February 19, 2004 and the order of the Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee of March 1, 2004. The homestead is open for visitors on 18.06.2004. The museum is located in the restored estate of the Bykov family. On the territory of the estate there is a house with an area of ​​42 sq.m., an exact copy, a barn, a threshing floor, trees. The life of the Bykovs is recreated in the house, objects and things that belonged to the family are presented. The museum exposition contains documents, photographs, works by V. V. Bykov, copies of drawings and personal belongings of the national writer.

For visitors, upon prior request, an excursion is conducted (a group of 10 people), duration 45 minutes. Ticket price: adult — 1.41 rubles, children — 0.70 rubles.

Individual visit: entrance ticket for adults — 60 kopecks, for children — 30 kopecks.

There you can buy magnets with the image of the museum, Proryv memorial complex, Estate-Museum of V.A. Bykov (the cost of 1 magnet is 1.20 rubles) and booklets (1.50 rubles)

Phone information:

+ 375 2158 5 88 53 (director)

+ 375 2158 5 86 92 (museum ticket office)